Associate Professor
Université Antonine
I am an associate professor at the Antonine University. My research interests are in computer human interaction and particularly the accessibility for blind users. The main objective of my research is to study new interaction techniques and methods for disabled people, and to elaborate new models in order to enhance computer human interaction. The issue of accessibility for blind users consists of translating hidden visual information into tactile or/and audio, not only by providing technological tools but by studying the fundamental concepts of trans-modalities. At first I was interested in the transformation of visual information into tactile/audio, and then I worked on the transformation of shapes into vibration using a vibrating touch screen. Another study in this subject, concerns the conjunction of visual pointing techniques and rules with non-visual pointing on vibrating touch screens. At the moment I am working on a new type of visual information which consists of analyzing postures and gestures of a person in order to translate them or their psychological meaning for the blind users. Another research topic in the domain of computer human interaction is made in collaboration with Ellipse team in IRIT France. It concerns pointing techniques in a 3D environment. The objective is to propose a new technique that could optimize the time spent to select a target in a 3D environment.