TitleEffects of silicon substrate coupling phenomena on signal integrity for RF or high speed communications in 3D-IC
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsEid E, Lacrevaz T., Houzet G., Bermond C., Fléchet B., Farcy A., Calmon F., Leduc P.
Conference NameElectronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC), 2012 IEEE 62nd
Date PublishedMay
Keywords3D-IC, analogue signal analysis, Conductivity, Couplings, data rate, eye diagram, high speed signal communication, integrated circuit interconnections, Noise, noisy environment, parasitic signal, RDL interconnection, realistic digital communication, RF signal communication, Si, signal amplitude, signal integrity impact evaluation, signal shape, signal to noise ratio, signal transmission integrity, Silicon, silicon substrate coupling phenomena effect, SNR, Substrates, three-dimensional integrated circuits, Through-silicon vias, Transfer functions, TSV interconnection

This paper proposes studies to learn more about substrate coupling phenomena in 3D-IC by evaluating their impact on signals integrity. Studies consist in analysing analogue signals and realistic digital communications while respectively RF or high speed signals are carried by interconnections such as TSV and RDL in noisy environment. Integrity of transmitted signals is analyzed in terms of signal amplitude, signal shape, SNR (signal to noise ratio), data rate and eye diagrams when a chosen parasitic signal plays the role of noise.