TitleDesign of tilted taper slot antenna for 5G base station antenna circular array
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsEl-Bacha A., Sarkis R.
Conference Name2016 IEEE Middle East Conference on Antennas and Propagation (MECAP)
Date PublishedSept
Keywords4G, 4th generation, 5G, 5G base station antenna circular array, 5G mobile communication, antenna array, Antenna arrays, base station, Base stations, circular antenna array, circular array, inter-element coupling, low noise amplifier, low noise amplifiers, mmWave, mobile antennas, mobile application, mobile communication, reflection coefficient, slot antenna arrays, Slot antennas, taper slot antenna, Three-dimensional displays, tilted antenna, tilted taper slot antenna, Vivaldi antenna, Vivaldi antennas

This communication presents the design of down tilted 3D Taper Slot Antennas suitable for base stations of future generation mobile communication. We designed a novel Vivaldi antenna with wide frequency band performance covering a larger band than the 4th Generation with a vertical tilting to suit the bases station coverage requirements. A downscaled version of this metal only antenna is advantageous for higher frequency bands of the 5th Generation. The available space inside of the 3D structure is suitable to integrate low noise amplifier as near as possible to the feeding point minimizing the losses in the cable while maintaining good performance in terms of gain and efficiency. Circular antenna array of (4G) and (5G) antenna elements are simulated in terms of reflection coefficient and inter-element coupling. We developed and measured a prototype of a single (4G) antenna. Good agreement is obtained between simulation and measurements.